The purpose of MercyNet is to provide disaster distress relief to communities during natural or man made disasters. We provide crises containment and crises management at the point of impact. The first few minutes after a disaster is the most important time to reduce the impact on people and property.  Correct information and a fast response is of utmost importance when responding to disasters after they occur.  Effective coordination of a broad range of skills and resources is required, especially when disasters affect a large geographic area and people are displaced from their homes.

Marti Weddepohl has been running MercyNet, a South African NGO specializing in disaster distress relief, since 2008.  Getting involved in the field after being contracted to run refugee camps in the Far South (Cape Town) during the 2008 xenophobia attacks, she recognized the need for civil society to contribute more effectively towards the care of their communities during times of distress.  Her background in managing large scale projects in government and private corporations provides her with the experience needed to effectively coordinate the diverse activities involved in disaster distress relief.   Working with entrepreneurial development teams has given her a good grounding in managing people with different skills and abilities to achieve a common outcome.

MercyNet relies on an inter-connected grid of NGO’s, FBO’s, civil society and organisational partners to provide relief support.  Our partner organisations bring a broad range of skills and resources to the process of disaster relief response.